Animal Acupuncture and

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 practising Acupuncturist,

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Bev Irving vet acupuncture and laser light therapy

      About me

Bev Irving vet acupuncture and laser light therapy

I am a small animal vet living near Aylesbury in Bucks and qualified from the Royal Veterinary College in London in 1990. I provide a home visit service for medical problems, acupuncture and k-laser light therapy for your pets . I am a registered member of the Association of British Veterinary Acupuncturists

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Acupuncture and K-Laser Light therapy for your pet


What are Acupuncture and K-Laser light therapy (LLT) ?


Acupuncture is the practise of placing very fine needles or a fine laser light beam into the body to stimulate a response that alleviates pain and increases healing, and can also help the body to deal with other diseases. It is a very safe procedure, and legally can only be performed on animals by a qualified Veterinary Surgeon.

K Laser light therapy (LLT) uses the energy of specific wavelengths of light to also stimulate healing of damaged tissue, reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

How do they work?

Acupuncture works through the nervous system. The needles or laser beam block the pain messages, both locally and their transmission to the brain, by triggering the release of various chemicals and neurotransmitters and stimulate the brain and central nervous system to release more of the body's natural painkillers, such as endorphins, resulting in pain relief and a general feeling of well being. In conditions that are not painful, acupuncture may help to reset the body’s normal functioning, and can boost the immune system and relieve anxiety.

K-LASER therapy  stimulates the body’s inherent healing mechanisms via a process called photobiomodulation. Through a combination of different wavelengths, working at different depths of tissue and on different body structures,  and varying power and frequency of laser light, K-LASER is able to achieve improved healing times, pain reduction, increased circulation, improved nerve function, decreased swelling and also has an anti-microbial action. LLT works via the nervous system but also stimulates the release of anti inflammatory mediators locally to the area treated and improves oxygenation of damaged tissue. Laser Therapy has been utilised in human and animal medicine for many decades, however recent technical advances in laser miniaturisation has allowed laser therapy to be used for a wider range of patients.

Do they hurt ?


Acupuncture needles are very fine, about the thickness of a hair, and stimulate smaller delta nerves that do not cause the unpleasant feelings of pain that we are trying to treat. Sometimes animals may react to the sensation of the needles being placed as though they are expecting pain, but then relax because it does not occur.

The laser treatment is totally painless for animals and creates a soothing mild warming sensation so can be used on the more sensitive or tender areas of the body.

Most of the time animals accept the fine needles and laser treatment very well and often become relaxed and sleepy during the treatment. It is very unusual for animals to need to be sedated for treatment. Some animals even appear to look forward to the next treatment when they come back to the practice. Cats and rabbits accept acupuncture and laser treatment very well too.


How often would my pet be treated?


The usual initial course consists of a treatment once or twice a week for four to six sessions. After two to three sessions, we can usually see whether the acupuncture and or LLT is working for your pet and if there is no improvement in this time, we would normally suggest not continuing with treatments. Depending on the condition and if it needs on-going treatment, maintenance sessions can range from once a month to every few months so that the effect is maintained for as long as possible.


What kinds of conditions can be treated?


Pain relief and improved healing are the most common indication for acupuncture and laser light therapy, particularly when the pain has become chronic. This can be pain associated with arthritis, but also back pain, muscle strains, pain secondary to disc disease and bony changes of the spine, cruciate and other ligament damage, and pain following surgery. Acupuncture and LLT can also help lick granulomas to heal which often develop from dogs licking over their sore joints, and encourage wound healing generally when wounds are slow to heal. It can also moderate the immune system and help in some allergies and skin conditions. Functional conditions such as constipation in cats and irritable bowel type problems in dogs may also respond.


What can I expect during treatment?


The first treatment usually takes about 45 minutes to an hour and involves examination and assessment of your pet including taking a history of medication, diet, exercise and environment. After examination, and if acupuncture or LLT is felt to be appropriate, the first treatment will involve the placement of just a few needles or giving light treatment via a small probe for about 10 minutes, as the first time a pet has acupuncture or LLT, we do not know how sensitive they will be. There is not a set “dose” of acupuncture or light as there is for medication, so we will judge how much to do based on your pet’s response both at the time and after the treatment. They may become sleepy and relaxed during the treatment. Subsequent treatments last 15-45 minutes.

depending on the areas and conditions being treated.

And after the treatment?


It is not uncommon for pets to go home and sleep very soundly for a long time. This is a good sign and shows that your pet will probably respond well to therapy. But do not worry if they are not sleepy – this does not mean that they will not respond. Sometimes your pet may seem a little more euphoric than usual; this is also a good sign, but keep them quiet for the rest of the day or they may overdo things.

Otherwise treat your pet normally after acupuncture. Do not change exercise, diet or medication unless it has been discussed.


What about response?


Your pet may show one of three responses to treatment:

  1. They may seem a little stiffer or more uncomfortable. This just means that the dose could have been a bit too much, but also shows that they should respond to treatment. After a day or two they will improve again and should be better than before. However, please say so that we can adjust the treatment time at the next appointment.

  2. You may see no response. This is always disappointing but does not mean your pet will not respond; it may just be that they will take a little longer or that their improvement after the first treatment was too brief or small for you to see. We cannot say that they will not respond until after the fourth treatment. Not all animals or humans are acupuncture and laser “responders”, but about 80-95 % will be.

  3. You may see an improvement. This may occur anytime in the three days after treatment. The signs that we are trying to treat may then return before the next treatment, but this is fine. After each subsequent treatment the effects should last for longer, so that your pet may eventually not need more treatments for some time.                                                                                                                              Further information about K laser

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  Treatment Costs

Treatments are carried out in your own home. The initial visit, assessment and first treatment is £75 and each subsequent visit and treatment is £40-55 depending on the areas and conditions being treated. Medical consultations can be provided from £45


  Are acupuncture  and k-laser therapy covered with pet insurance policies?


Nearly all insurance companies will cover acupuncture and k- laser treatment. Sometimes it is possible to claim directly from your insurance company, however it is best to check your policy or speak to your insurance company before beginning treatments



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